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Zorbs Self-Sealing Water Balloons

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Water balloon fights are serious, not just fun. Kids would love to come out winners in such activities. Winners need to take whatever advantage they can in order to win. When preparing the water balloons, it is best to have replenishments when the first batch runs out. And preparing them takes time. But that will no longer be a problem with the Zorbs Self-Sealing Water Balloons.

The Zorbs Self-Sealing Water Balloons are quite convenient weapons to bring to water balloon battles. Kids no longer have to deal with trying to tie up the ends once filling up the balloons with water. They just need to fill up then pull the neck of the balloon up. In just a snap, the end will seal itself and prevent the water from coming out. Then you are ready to drench your foes with your balloons. It is an advantage kids can always appreciate as they can make more water balloons faster and easier. The Zorbs Self-Sealing Water Balloons are available in packs of 50’s and 100’s.  They are available at Fat Brain Toys for $4 for the 50-balloon pack and $7 for the 100-balloon pack.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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