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Zoomer Zuppies

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Kids love to have their own pets. But many are not that responsible yet to take care of one. In the end, parents have to take the big chunk of responsibility of taking care of a pet dog, cat or any other animal. But there are instances where parents may not have the time to take care of one. In such cases, parents can find some ideal alternative for kids to play with. The Zoomer Zuppies can try to fill in the need for a kid’s pet for a while until they grow more responsible taking care of the real thing.

The Zoomer Zuppies are robotic pet dogs that are more than just simple toys. These robotic pets come with different personalities to match a kid’s ideal pet, thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Zoomer Zuppies can act and react to what kids do to it. Spot is just one of the more interesting Zoomer Zuppies that kids can choose from. Fun and unique, Spot can react with happiness if you scratch its tummy. Spot can respond with a simple wave of a hand. It also barks and makes panting noises as a response to how you take good care of it. The LED eyes can become quite expressive and also indicate how Spot feels. Spot can also go through different moods, depending on how you interact with it.

The Zoomer Zuppies can also play music and also features interactive games that kids will love playing. Spot requires 3AAA batteries to work, along with the care and love that kids can shower on it. It is an ideal pet for kids 5 years old and above who might not yet be ready to care for the real thing. Kids can learn taking care of the Zoomer Zuppies so that they become more responsible taking care of a real pet. There are several Zoomer Zuppies for kids to choose from, each one with a distinct personality from the others. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $35.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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