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Zombie Road Trip Board Game

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Board games are good tools for keeping people together. From family members, relatives to friends, playing board games help develop social interaction and bonding. The more challenging the game is, the better it can help bring people together. And since zombies have become the more popular creatures of today, having to play a board game like the Zombie Road Trip can only add more to the excitement and adventure.

The Zombie Road Trip Board Game is a unique game designed for kids who love everything about zombies. It is a game about survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. The game board is a virtual wasteland that you need to travel. The objective is to search for a cure for the zombie menace. As players go through the board, there are actions to carry out, zombies to battle, ammunition and toll passes to collect. As players scavenge through the wasteland, they need to collect cure tokens. Players who can collect four cure tokens and return to the home base becomes the winner.

The Zombie Road Trip Board Game comes with a game board, four character pieces and four score cards. There are also 128 ammo tokens for fighting zombies, 45 toll passes, and 16 cure tokens to collect. The game also comes with 48 survival cards, 48 50/50 cards, 6 dice, a fabric pouch and a rulebook to guide the players. The board game is designed for 2 to 4 players. Kids from 12 years old and up will have fun playing this board game. The Zombie Road Trip is available at Think Geek for $25.

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