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Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game

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Kids have a wide appetite for different toys. They also want to explore other appealing toys that are unlike the ones they currently play with. As they grow, their interest changes. They like to have fun with challenges. Puzzles offer them with a worthy challenge that is both fun and educational. There are toys like the Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game that fits into this category.

The Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game combines fun and word learning into a single puzzle game. Some may consider it as a unique crossword game that comes with puzzle pieces. The game set consists of 55 puzzle tiles with different letters on them. Each puzzle piece attaches to another to form words. It also comes with 40 Clue Books that contain the puzzles that users can challenge themselves with.

The objective of the Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game is to arrange the letter tiles in such a way as to create a square composed of 16 letter tiles that can form 8 words that can be read horizontally and vertically. The Clue Books provide the initial setup by giving a couple of letters that will help form the complete puzzle solution. The players need to guess what the other letter tiles to add in to solve the puzzle. The Clue Books also provide added hints on how to solve the puzzles when the players hit a roadblock.

What makes the Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game also ideal for kids is that the puzzles make use of basic words that kids use every day.  The puzzle challenges are divided into different levels to give players easy to hard word puzzles to solve. The Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game is ideal for kids who love the challenge of word puzzles. It is designed for players from 12 years old and up. The Yottsugo Word Puzzle Game is available at Fat Brain Toys for US$27.

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