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Yoga Spinner Game

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Kids nowadays do not get the usual physical activity like most kids do in the past. Blame it on the toys they have nowadays that seem to encourage staying put and doing nothing basically. Video games and tablets do not seem to help encourage kids into doing some physical activities to have fun. It helps to provide them with alternative toys that can help them have fun while staying active. Toys like the Yoga Spinner Game can do just that.

The Yoga Spinner Game introduces young kids to Yoga and makes it into a fun physical activity. The game features a spinner board along with cards pictured with different Yoga poses and comegrouped in color. Players try to take a spin to start things off. The arrows can point to what the player needs to do- pick which color card from the stack, pick one off another player, let other players choose, and other options. But the main objective of the game is for the players to try and do the yoga poses based on the chosen card. If a player can hold that pose for ten seconds, the card is his. The first player to collect a card from each color wins the game.

The Yoga Spinner Game comes with 54 cards and a spinner that also doubles as a storage compartment for the cards. It is a game that helps introduce kids to some fun physical activities. They will not think of it as a chore to do some yoga exercises if they find it fun. The game also helps foster teamwork and a child’s flexibility and balance. The game is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. The Yoga Spinner Game is available at Think Fun for $15.

Image Source: Think Fun

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