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YBike Toyni

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Many kids love having their own ride. It even makes them quite happy if it is a cool one that other kids would like to have. Being envied may be a human trait that most of us have very early in life. And while it may not always be the objective for most kids, just having something like the YBike Toyni will be quite a happy experience.

The YBike Toyni is a balance bike that will teach kids how to balance on a bike at an early age. The rear wheels can be adjusted to help kids learn how to balance on a bike. For beginners, the rear wheels can be adjusted so that it becomes more stable and can help toddlers learn how to find their center of gravity. And as they eventually gets the hang of it, the rear wheels can then be adjusted so that kids will have a heightened sense of imbalance while riding. This can help improve their balance skills on a bike further.

The YBike Toyni is a good way to teach kids how to balance on a bike early. Its classic bike design in bright colors will even help make them more appealing to the kids. The YBike Toyni is ideal for bike beginners from 1 year old and above that weigh 44 pounds max. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $53.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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