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Ybike Pewi

by dennis

It is important for kids to learn to walk and move at an early age. This will help widen their environment and make them learn more things in the process. But while this age of exploration is coming up, it helps to have something like the Ybike Pewi to help kids move around.

The Ybike Pewi is a special looking hybrid walker that can help kids and toddlers learn how to walk or just to travel around the area faster. It is a combination of a baby walker as well as a unique looking 4-wheeled bike that kids can ride on to go places. It comes with a cartoonish design that most kids would want to explore. It has a sturdy smiley face for a handle bar that toddlers learn to hold on to when standing up.

When tired, kids can get on the Ybike Pewi and learn to zoom around the home on wheels using their feet for power. Its multi-directional caster non-marking rubber wheels make it quite easy for kids to maneuver in different directions. It is designed for kids 1 to 3 years of age although babies as young as 8 months old can already use it as a free moving walker. This can help kids develop their balance and motor skills faster. The Ybike Pewi is available at Ybike for US$64.

Image Source: Ybike

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