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YBike Pewi Elite

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Kids like to move even at an early age. As they grow strong, they begin to find ways to move. Right after they learn to stand and walk, kids try to learn some other ways to move, like riding a toy scooter or bike for example. For toddlers who wish to learn riding while also learning to walk, the YBike Pewi Elite is great to have around.

The YBike Pewi Elite is a walking and riding balance bike designed especially for toddlers. It features puncture resistant wheels with casters that does not mark surfaces it runs into. They also spin 360 degrees for easier control and handling. The four wheels are spread well to have more stability when toddlers use it. It comes with a sturdy handle that looks like a smiling face. Kids can either move it while pushing off with their feet and eventually learn to ride it. Kids as young as 9 months old can safely use it until they reach 3 years old or around 44 pounds.

The YBike Pewi Elite helps develop a kids gross motor skills. It also helps develop their balance and strength as they learn to walk and ride this interesting balance bike. The YBike Pewi Elite is available at Fat Brain Toys for $65.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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