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YBIKE GLX Cruze Scooter for Kids

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Kids love to move around all the time, provided there is space and they have a cool ride. While bicycles are popular, some kids may want something unique to take them where they wish to go. If a bicycle is out of the question, then kids would consider this YBIKE GLX Cruze Scooter for going around the neighborhood.

 The YBIKE GLX Cruze Scooter is a three-wheeled kick scooter ideal for toddlers 2 years old and above. Designed for small kids just learning how to ride, this scooter has a wider rear wheel for added stability. It also features a lean-to-steer system with a rear foot  brake to increase control and easy riding. The curved handle bars make it possible for those young riders to enjoy a more balanced center of gravity.

The YBIKE GLX Cruze Scooter is lightweight and durable as well, thanks to its plastic and aluminum construction. Rubber grips make it easier for the kids to hold on to. This scooter helps kids learn the basics of balancing all on their own. It also helps them build their confidence. the YBIKE GLX Cruze Scooter is available at Amazon for around $70.

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