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As kids learn more about the alphabet, they need to understand the associations when combining letters to spell a word. Sometimes it can be hard for parents to teach their about this as kids get bored easily. Having word games for kids to play is just one of the fun ways to keep the child’s attention. Using the Xoom Cubes for this purpose is just one of the many ways to make word games fun.

The Xoom Cubes come in a set of 56 letter dice of different colors. There are many ways kids and family members can play with the Xoom Cubes, but all involved word building challenges. The rules can vary depending on how players like to play word games. They can roll a certain number of dice and begin to make word from the letters that are up. They can also make it into a timed challenge or a crossword like game.

Players can create their own rules regarding game play and there is an interesting variety of them to do using the Xoom Cubes. It is an interesting way to help kids develop the skill of word development and spelling. The Xoom Cubes is available at Fat Brain Toys for $17.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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