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There seems to be a change in what most kids like in toys nowadays. Aside from more techie toys, many kids also now seems to like characters and dolls that look “out of this world” at the very least. No longer are kids scared of zombies because of those many zombie flicks and games. Vampires are no longer that scary as well. Even some kids have this penchant for ugly-looking characters. It is no wonder, therefore that kids will love the WowWee Electrokidz.

The WowWee Electrokidz has that unique look that also makes it appealing. The Electrokidz figurines are small troll-like figurines that come with bright and colorful hair. It is a nice and unique as a desktop display figurine. But they can do more than just that. The WowWee Electrokidz can actually move to the sound of any beat, literally. Well, it is their hair actually.

The WowWee Electrokidz can “listen” to any sound in its vicinity. If you turn it on, it will detect any sound and its hair will move. When you have music turned on, the WowWee Electrokidz moves to the beat by moving its colorful hair. Each WowWee Electrokidz comes in different colors and with hair that also moves differently. WowWee is making them available as collectibles. It would be nice to have them as a set marveling at their colorful hair moving to the music, the WowWee Electrokidz are expected to be available in the 4th quarter of this year at a retail price of around $15.

Image Source: WowWee

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