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Woodland Arch

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Babies early in their age require some level of visual and audio stimulation to make them more aware and learn more about their senses. Rattles and colorful toys are just examples of this. They also need to be aware of their tactile sense and develop skills they need as they grow up. When sitting in a car seat or a stroller, the Woodland Arch can provide babies with the different activities needed to stimulate their different senses.

The Woodland Arch is a mix of different toys hanging from a woodsy arch. The different toys are always at a baby’s reach for play and further exploration. Babies can reach out for a tether worm ring. They can also take the owl rattle and explore the sounds as they shake the toy, babies can also peek at the apple mirror and see their reflection for the first time. Babies can also try to open the plush leaves hanging from the arch and have some peek-a-boo play.

The Woodland Arch is flexible to allow parents to adjust the height for a baby’s ideal reach. The many toy activities help babies develop their fine motor skills as well as develop their focus and concentration. The arch attaches to most baby car seats and strollers via available clips. It also folds easily for storage when not in use. The Woodland Arch is available at Fat Brain Toys for $26.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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