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Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot

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Many kids love to play with robots, especially those that move and talk. It is the fascination with what technology can do that seems so interesting with these kids. Some will even try to get to the bottom of it and understand what makes these robots go. The Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot may just be the type of robotic toy that these kids will want to have.

The Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot is a set of robot toys that will not only make kids enjoy but also learn and understand how to make them function. Dot and Dash are the robots that kids can play and learn from. Dash comes with fixed wheels that allow the robot to move about the room. This robot comes with sensors that allow it to detect obstacles from the back and front as well as hear sound and know what direction it is coming from. Dash can also see where Dot is, the robot that acts as a master controller for things that Dash can do. Dot can also tell kids stories complete with lights as sounds as well as using eye expressions. Dot can also transmit signals telling Dash what to do.

The Wonder Workshop apps also provide Dash and Dot with different ways to function. Through these apps, kids can learn how to program Dash and Dot to function and play. Along the way, kids can learn the basics of computer programming by learning how to code. And since this is connected to play, kids are easily able to absorb new knowledge through having fun. There are also a variety of accessories and attachments that can provide Dot and Dash with additional abilities. Kids learn to explore and develop tasks they want Dash and Dot to do using their coding knowledge and these accessories. There are a lot of things kids will enjoy doing with the Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot. Ideal for kids 5 years old and above, this robotic set is available at Amazon for $280.

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