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Wonder Wheel

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Toddlers always need some way to keep their senses stimulated. It is the best way to develop their newly discovered basic skills. Toys can especially help aid in this development. The Wonder Wheel toy for toddlers can certainly help kids further discover the many things that they can do using their senses.

The Wonder Wheel is a colorful tabletop sensory toy that many toddlers will find interesting. It features colorful rings and different panels that spin. The wheel also comes with some beads inside that rattles as kids try to give the wheel a spin. The spinning panels at the center provide kids with a way to develop how they can track objects visually. The different textures kids can discover playing with the Wonder Wheel can be interesting lessons on the sense of touch. There are a lot of other things that toddlers can explore as they put their hands on the Wonder Wheel.

The Wonder Wheel can stay upright on the table even when little hands play with it, thanks to the suction cup base that keeps it in place. This toy helps encourage kids to experience sensory exploration. It can also help develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as help kids learn how to focus and stay in attention while they play. The Wonder Wheel is ideal for kids from a year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $9.

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