Wired Science Kit

Some kids love to learn about things in the world through actual experience. It bores kids if you simply lecture them about something they need to know. They can learn better if you teach them through the use of examples. That is why doing experiments is just right around the kid’s alley. And when they wish to know more about electricity, this Wired Science Kit can be their first step into a path of exciting discovery.

The Wired Science Kit will teach kids the basics of electricity in an exciting way. The kit comes with 10 experiments with electricity designed to thrill and put kids in awe. Kids will eventually learn first-hand about electricity- what it is, how it behaves and the way it travels. Kids can learn about conductors and insulators and test out different objects to determine what they are. The kit comes with the Energy Stick that lights up and makes noise when electricity flows through it two ends. There is also the Static Tube which can teach kids how static electricity works.

Through the Wired Science Kit, kids may start to learn more about electricity. Once they understand it, they can begin to appreciate just how important this technology is in our daily life. This science kit also comes with 2 2-ounce giant test tubes, 2 Energy Stick probes, 2 LEDs , 2 super strong magnets a balloon and a giant test tube rack. Some experiments may also need some ingredients that you can find at home. The science kit also comes with detailed instructions on how to do the experiments and provide fun explanations about each experiment that will make the kids more interested in the science of electricity. The Wired Science Kit is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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