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Whistle N Go Puppy

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Many kids would love to have a pet dog. But some parents would reconsider because their kid may still be too young. An alternative pet may be a good idea to consider for both the parent and child. This Whistle N Go Puppy may be a good choice for starters.

The Whistle N Go Puppy is an interesting remote controlled puppy that kids will love. This RC puppy responds to the blow of a whistle by its owner. A single whistle causes the toy dog to move forward for up to 12 feet. Two whistles and the RC puppy runs right back. While the pet dog moves, kids can watch its ears flop up and down as well.

Kids can even control the RC pet with their own whistle, not just with the one that comes with the toy. The RC puppy also comes with a big whistle and requires 2AA batteries. It is an ideal toy for kids from 2 years old and below. The Whistle N Go Puppy is available at Fat Brain Toys for $26.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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