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Weplay Forever Up-Down Playset

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It surely helps if kids have toys that they not only consider fun to play with but also help them develop certain skills. For parents, this can be a valuable move to help kids grow and develop better. Playing games that help stimulate the mind as well as the kid’s motor skills is just an example. Toys like the Weplay Forever Up-Down Playset certainly helps make this possible.

The Weplay Forever Up-Down Playset is a unique toy that helps kids develop their fine motor skills. It is designed for play using two hands. Kids grip the toy on the sides and practice moving or tuning it inward and outward again and again. Once kids get the hang of it, a ball can now be placed on the track within the toy. The objective of the game is simply to keep the ball in the track without it falling over.

The Weplay Forever Up-Down Playset helps enhance a kid’s reflexes and fine motor skills. It also helps develop focus and concentration as they try to keep the ball balanced on the track at all times. It also helps develop hand muscle control as well as hand-eye coordination. Two balls are available made out of different material to give kids different ball speeds and handling challenges. The Weplay Forever Up-Down Playset is available at toys R’ Us for $43.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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