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Waterfall Discovery Wall

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Young kids are always in the path of discovery. They have the whole world around them to explore. They can discover even more if they have toys that help them not only have fun but also to learn more about the basic principles of how the world works. With the Waterfall Discovery Wall play set, it will be all about  water and gravity.

The Waterfall Discovery Wall play set from Step2 is a vertical water maze featuring different pieces that do different things when water goes through them. Kids can scoop up water and then pour it on top. They can then watch the cascading water goes through the spinners, zigzag, and funnel through the double sided water wall.  The maze pieces can be rearranged  into the different slots on the water wall to allow kids to design their own water maze. The base of the water wall functions as a water basin to catch the water as it cascades through the maze.

The Waterfall Discovery Wall comes with a 13-piece accessory set and requires minimal assembly. It encourages kids to use their imagination to create their own waterfall using the different maze pieces. Discovering how water cascades through the different pieces can help kids learn more about cause and effect as well as how water behaves as it is being poured from the top of the water wall. The Waterfall Discovery Wall is ideal for kids from 1 year old and above. It is available at Amazon for $50.

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