Water Wow! Connect the Dots

Young kids love coloring books. They only need crayons or coloring pens along with the coloring book and then they are set for some coloring fun. But just like most kids, doing it the same way can become a bit repetitive for many kids. It helps to have something different for the kids to use to keep their interest up during play time. This Water Wow! Connect the Dots activity set can be that something.

The Water Wow! Connect the Dots activity set offers a unique way for kids to color and complete certain on-page activities. It becomes interesting when kids learn how to color the objects on the page and complete activities by using a special pen that uses water as ink. Yes, kids learn how to write using water. With the Water Wow! Connect the Dots activity set, kids color each page simply by using the water pen. Kids will then see the colors magically appear wherever they try to write on the page.

The Water Wow! Connect the Dots also offers kids other activities to complete such as connecting the dots, seek and find, as well as answering activity questions. Each page of the activity book is made out of reusable coated cardboard. Kids can reuse each page by simple letting them dry and the colors will magically disappear, ready for another round of activities. The activity book consists of 4 activity pages. They are also designed for travel and offer a mess-free activity for kids wherever they go. The Water Wow! Connect the Dots is ideal for kids from 4 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $4.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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