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Parents will sometimes discover that kids will acquire different interests as they grow. Some will prefer playing with other kids while others prefer playing on their own. Some might even be more comfortable doing other things than just the usual games. There are some kids who love to explore their creativity and imagination through writing. If you have a kid with the propensity for writing, the WAFF Book may be a fun thing to have around.

The WAFF Book is not just your ordinary writer’s notebook. It can also serve as a means to stimulate a child’s creativity for writing. For one thing, it looks different from any ordinary notebook. The WAFF Book comes with a unique silicone cover with a soft and bumpy texture. Imagine a rubberized cover with small bumpy blank square buttons upfront. That is the unique cover for the WAFF Book. But it is not merely for show, the blank square buttons serve a purpose- kids can use WAFF cubes in different colors with different letters, numbers and other signs to attach to the cover.

The WAFF Book also comes with a pair of clips of different colors to customize the WAFF Book. Inside, the notebook comes with 190 lined pages for young writers to fill up with words or even doodles. The WAFF Cubes also help kids become more creative in decorating their cover. The WAFF Book large is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19. WAFF Cubes are sold separately for $9.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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