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Waboba Pro Ball

by admin

Bummed about the fact that balls do not bounce on water? One toy defies that stereotype. Waboba is a fun ball that bounces on water, whether on the pool or along the beach. This toy measures 60 millimeters in diameter and contains a silicone core surrounded by a double-layer patented cover, so you can bounce it so high it can skip between people!

Beach enthusiasts even created a game using the Waboba ball. The namesake game requires two teams with equal number of members playing in knee-deep waters. The aim is to pass the Waboba between team members without losing the ball to the other team. The round ends when all team members have caught the ball at least once without interception and with at least one bounce on water in each pass. Players have to pass the Waboba within five seconds after receiving it, while the opposing team can intercept passes and pass it to their teammates. They can also tackle other players (except the player holding the ball), but not hold them. The first team to win three rounds wins the match.

The Waboba is ideal for anyone ages 3 and above. It is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $10.99.

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