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VTech Tote And Go Laptop

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Even young kids love tech gadgets. It is no wonder why many of them would grab on to those portable devices their parents always use. First, they hold and marvel at it with curiosity. They eventually learn how to use it by observing other people. If you wish to give your small toddlers their own tech gadget to play with, this VTech Tote And Go Laptop will always be a good companion wherever they go.

The VTech Tote And Go Laptop is designed to be something similar to the real thing. It also features more than 20 learning activities for kids to try out. They can learn up to 60 new words, spelling, shapes as well as animals and more. Kids will also love listening to the more than 30 popular tunes and melodies that come with the kid’s laptop.

The VTech Tote And Go Laptop provides progressive levels for learning that gradually increase in difficulty as kids advance. The laptop also comes with a mouse to teach kids basic mouse skills at their age. The VTech Tote And Go Laptop is available at Toys R’ Us for $25.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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