Vtech Switch and Go Dinos

I got for my son two Vtech switch and go Dinos for Christmas.  This toy transforms from dinosaur to vehicle in a few easy steps.   My son love this toy because he can build it into a Dinosaur and then change it to a vehicle.

Each switch and go Dinos features an LCD screen on the front end that allows for customization.  When the toy is in Dino shape, my son can switch between different sets of eyes.  When the toy is in a vehicle shape my son can switch between different drivers images. They make a lot of fun different sounds.  Press one of the buttons to hear him make stomping sounds when he’s in Dino mode, or racing sounds when he’s in vehicle mode. Press the second button to hear him talk.  Vtech switch and go Dinos make more than 50 sounds and phrases.

Children ages between 3 and 8 will enjoy playing with Vtech switch and go Dinos in both Dino and vehicle mode. There are seven durable, unique and collectable Switch & Go Dinos available ranging in price from $15.99 to $49.99.  Basically, you are getting two toys for the price of one and your kid will have tons of fun playing with the VTech Switch & Go Dinos!

My son and I both highly recommend them to a friend.

Image Source: amazon.com

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