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VTech KiddiBeats Drum Set

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Toddlers are not always easy to care for. It is easy for their attention to go somewhere else when you need them to be attentive to you. That is why parents always need patience and care when trying to teach kids. More than that, they also need educational toys to help kids learn something while playing. The VTech KiddiBeats Drum Set is one example of a fun learning toy.

The VTech KiddiBeats Drum Set is not just a fun musical instrument that toddlers can pound away with enjoyment. It is an educational toy that features several fun options. Aside from playing the drum freestyle with its four drum pads and cymbal, kids can also play along with the nine pre-set melodies to accompany their drumming.

Kids can also play letter or number games using the VTech KiddiBeats Drum Set. Built-in drum lights turn on the drum pad that kids can try to follow. Kids will develop not only letter and number identification but also their hand and eye coordination. This toy can also help develop their musical creativity. The VTech KiddiBeats Drum Set requires three AA batteries for power. It is designed for kids from 2 years old and above. This toy drum kit is available at Target for $18.

Image Source: Target

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