VTech Introduces Flipsies Dolls And Playsets

It is a given that small boys and girls love to play with different things. While the toy aisle may have a lot of toys designed for the boys, the same cannot be said with what is available for most girls, especially in terms of innovation and technology. But that is now about to change with the new VTech Flipsies Dolls and Playsets.

The new line of VTech Flipsies Dolls and Playsets introduces girls to a more interactive playing experience. These are no ordinary dolls as each Flipsies Doll comes with its own distinct character and interacts with kids following a given theme. It usually relates to what most kid girls love to do or aspire to when they grow up. There are Flipsies Dolls for kids who love or are interested into different things such as fashion, baking, music, and many others. Each doll also features MagicPoint interactive technology that lets each doll interact differently when placed on the different MagicPoint locations found in each Flipsies playset. Each doll can even talk to each other when placed on the different MagicChat locations on the playset.

The VTech Flipsies takes girls to a whole new different experience when it comes to role playing using dolls. Kids can also change each dolls looks with a handful of different clothes accessories that come with each playset. The girls can then have fun collecting the different Flipsies Dolls and playsets and enjoy some interactive play on a whole new level. The VTech Flipsies Dolls and Playsets are ideal for girls from 4 to 7 years old. It is now available at Toys R’ Us for $20. Each doll with its accompanying playset is sold separately.

Image Source: VTech Kids

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