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Kid-safe tablets have become in demand nowadays. It goes along with the rapid popularity of tablets in general. Kids like to have what they see in others, I suppose. So as a parent, you would like to give them a tablet but becomes concerned of what risks may be included with it. A tablet designed for adults will not necessarily work with kids because they do not always come with the essential safety features such as access levels on the Internet. It is better to choose a kid-friendly tablet instead like the new VTech InnoTab 3.

The VTech InnoTab 3 is the recent update to the popular VTech tablet designed for kids. It is a learning tablet that features a collection of age-appropriate educational content both to help kids learn and have fun as well. The VTech InnoTab 3 comes with a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a new directional pad and tilt sensor. It also comes with a 2MP 180–degree rotating camera with 55 photo features and effects. Aside from an educational tablet, it is also an entertainment device for kids to use as an e-book reader, mp3 player, photo viewer as well as a video player. It comes with a 2GB onboard memory and a microSD slot to add up to 32GB of memory. This kid’s tablet also comes with a built-in speaker, microphone and headphone jack for added versatility.

The VTech InnoTab 3 features 15 exciting built-in apps and one free download that kids can choose from VTech’s Learning Lodge. Kids can choose from the various fun and educational apps available. The tablet also comes with a suite of organizer apps for note taking, friends list, calendar, calculator and an analog/digital clock. The VTech InnoTab 3 is an ideal beginner’s tablet for kids. It teaches how technology and educational content can combine to make learning fun, entertaining and enjoyable. The VTech InnoTab 3 kid’s tablet is expected to come out any time soon. But parents can now pre-order the tablet at VTech Kids for US$70.

Image Source: VTech Kids

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