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VEX Zip Flyer

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Most kids are fascinated with flying objects. They are also quite interested in making things with their hands. With the right tools and guidance, kids can try to enjoy both. The VEX Zip Flyer  can do just that.

The new VEX Zip Flyer is a building set that will allow kids to explore and discover things by working with their hands. This building kit will give kids the chance to construct a machine that shoots propellers into the sky up to 30 feet high. But before they can do that, kids need to assemble the 100 plus snap together pieces that comes with the building kit and 3 propeller flyers.  Once the kids have accomplished putting the VEX Zip Flyer together, they can also try the Sidewinder alternate build for another entertaining challenge.

The VEX Zip Flyer is designed to promote hands-on learning amo0ng kids and in understanding the various principles that make it work the way it does. This kit is based on STEM learning so it will certainly be of help in educating kids and challenge them along the way. The VEX Zip Flyer building kit is ideal for teens from 14 years and above. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $19.

Image Source: Vex

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