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It is fun to see kids do some role playing games at home. You will usually see them taking the role of a knight or a princess going on some adventure. When kids role play they usually try to use props they can find around the house. And if their role play requires a house or a palace, this Ugo Tent will be a welcome addition.

The Ugo Tent is a special tent designed for toddlers and kids. It is small enough to fit into a play room where kids love to play. It is also easy to set up and disassemble after a full day of play. Parents only need to turn the knob on top to set it up. With every turn, the sides of the Ugo Tent expands until the play tent fully stands and ready for play. There are side flaps that roll up to reveal mesh windows. There is also a wide open doorway in front.

The Ugo Tent is ideal for use inside the playroom as well as in the backyard or park. When kids do not use it for role play, they can use it as their ideal cover from the sun’s heat while outdoors and while even at the beach. The material used for the tent can provide up to 50+ UPF protection from the sun. There are different colorful designs available for kids to choose from. The Ugo Tent is available at Fat Brain Toys from $45 to $53.
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