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Ubooly Interactive Plush Toy

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Most toys today do not seem to last in terms of playability for most kids. After kids get well acquainted with a toy and how to play it, they eventually grow tired of it and will look for other toys. For many toy makers, this is an ideal situation. But for most parents, this can be costly. It would be quite welcome for parents to have a toy for their kids that can last long in terms of how the kids enjoy playing with it. One ideal candidate for such toy is the new Ubooly Interactive Plush Toy.

The Ubooly is just as unique as its name. It is a plush toy that can interact with kids. It does so with the help of a smartphone or tablet. Ubooly actually has the smartphone or tablet screen for a face. The plush body is actually a soft and secure housing for either the tablet or the smartphone. You can insert a tablet or a smartphone into Ubooly to give it life. But it does more than that.

The Ubooly comes with an app that will help make it interactive. The Ubooly app is the heart of what makes this toy interesting. It provides a way for kids to interact with the toy, making it a good companion for kids. In a way, it acts like a robot but without the moving parts. With the app, kids can make the Ubooly a fun learning companion. The toy can help kids learn and have fun with different activities. Kids can go on a fun adventure, play games, do experiments and learn jokes with Ubooly. There are tons of content that can kids can use to enjoy and have fun for months. More content and activities being developed along the way will make Ubooly a toy for keeps.

Kids can also talk to Ubooly and the toy will reply or respond. Ubooly can both talk and listen to what kids say. This toy can also interact with other Ubooly toys nearby. Not only is it a great friend for kids. Ubooly is also a learning companion that can help kids learn more about the world to satisfy their boundless curiosity about everything around them. Ubooly can also be the ideal parent’s assistant when it comes to keeping kids engaged through fun learning and interaction with this unique interactive toy. Ubooly is available in two types- the small Ubooly for smartphones that goes for $30, and a big Ubooly for tablets, which costs $60 at the Ubooly site.

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