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The Twister Moves Tracker

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Kids nowadays rely on high tech gadgets for games and entertainment. They usually have that smartphone or tablet on hand that keeps them occupied. Although it may be fun, many parents are becoming increasingly worried that kids spend less and less time having fun physical activities. The appeal of these gadgets just seem to overpower their interest to go out and play. But instead of trying to think of high tech devices as “the enemy”, parents can take advantage of it and use it to motivate kids to engage in physical activities. New gadgets like the Twister Moves Tracker can help in this way.

The new Twister Moves Tracker from Hasbro is like a fun fitness watch designed for kids. As fitness watches are becoming a rage nowadays, kids may want to have one of their own. The Twister Moves Tracker may be that device they would want to have. It attaches to a kid’s wrist with an accompanying wristband and can keep track of the wearer’s every move. Whether the kid is walking, dancing or jumping, the Twister Moves Tracker counts it all. Kids can use it to see who can score the most points from the Twister Moves Tracker. That alone can help kids get moving while having fun.

This gadget works with the Hasbro Twister Moves line of fitness toys like the Twister Skip-It and the Twister Hoop. Kids can engage in a variety of fun fitness activities using these toys with the Twister Moves Tracker. The Twister Moves Tracker is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Hasbro for $15.

Image Source: Hasbro

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