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Twilight Turtle Tunes T3

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Active kids also need rest. After a day’s worth of play and activities, they can get tired and cranky. Initially it will be hard to put them to sleep. Playing some soothing music and dimming the lights can sometimes help relax them on their way to dreamland. The Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 can help parents do just that and more.

The Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 is a cute sleeping companion for kids, a nightlight and a music player in one. Kids would find the Twilight Turtle an endearing companion as it comes with a turtle adoption certificate among other things. But more than that, this device can connect wirelessly to any portable music player via Bluetooth to stream soothing music to help kids relax and sleep.

The Twilight Turtle Tunes comes with its own free app to allow users to choose melodies and sounds from a preset library to play soothing and relaxing songs. It also operates as a nightlight that projects stars from real constellations on the walls and ceiling to create a relaxing atmosphere to encourage the kids to sleep. Lights can also cycle into different relaxing colors as the child goes to sleep.

With the Twilight Turtle Tunes T3, kids will not feel that they are alone in their room at night. It also comes with a storybook, a star guide and a battery that can last up to 6 hours on a full charge. The Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 is available at Fat Brain Toys for $54.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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