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Twilight Buddies Hedgehog

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Some kids find it difficult to go to sleep by themselves. Some parents always need to stay close and wait for their kids to sleep before they can move on to do other things. The best way to help kids in this area is by giving them a plush companion like the Twilight Buddies Hedgehog to be with them when they go to sleep.

The Twilight Buddies Hedgehog is more than just a plush toy companion. It also helps kids to sleep by providing an ideal setting to encourage kids to enjoy some peaceful sleep in relative safety. The Twilight Buddies Hedgehog works as a nightlight projector that projects the stars and the moon into ceilings and walls. It also includes projections of 3 constellations like the Little Dipper, Canis Major, and Cepheus that kids can try to locate before they go to sleep, which one ever comes first. The projections can cycle through different colors that help make kids feel more comfortable to sleep.

The Twilight Buddies Hedgehog not only helps kids go to sleep at night, it can also encourage some imaginative play as well as help develop an interest in astronomy among kids. The set comes with the Hedgehog, 3AA batteries, an adoption certificate and a star guide. The Twilight Buddies Hedgehog is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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