Twiddler Triple Temptation

Kids love challenges. Some like to challenge themselves with physical games. Others prefer the mental kind. There are toys available that cater to what kids would love to do as a challenge. For those who like mental games, this Twiddler Triple Temptation toy game may offer hours and hours of puzzles to solve.

The Twiddler Triple Temptation is a unique game that requires a good mind for solving puzzles. It combines colors and patterns to give kids a unique way to solve a number of brainteasers. The toy is composed of different magnetic tiles of various shapes and colors. Kids start off by setting the magnetic tiles in place on a special board designed as three overlapping circles. The tiles are set by matching a pattern found on an accompanying booklet. Once done, the kids then need to spin the pattern again and again using a Twiddler wheel in order to arrive at another pattern also pictured in the booklet.

The Twiddler Triple Temptation is a good toy to have for kids who like some mental challenges.

The overlapping circles make it interesting to spin again and again as new patterns develop. But kids have a definite pattern to copy, hence giving them a challenge worth their while. The set comes with 77 colorful magnetic tiles of different shapes, a board of three overlapping circles where the tiles are set, and an instruction booklet containing 12 fun challenges with solutions and 7 puzzles without solutions. The game develops fine motor skills in kids as well as hones their creativity, logic, and critical thinking skills. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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