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Turtle Ball Pit

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Toddlers are such little explorers once they learn how to crawl and move around. They may not yet be able to stand up yet but they can crawl quite fast if you do not have your eye on them. If you wish to have them stay in one place, then having toys that they can play where they are can help. This Turtle Ball Pit can do just that.

Toddlers will have a fun time while inside this fun Turtle Ball Pit. This large plush turtle comes with an open top that houses up to 60 multi-colored and squeezable balls. Small toddlers can fit inside and play with the balls inside. The shell opening on the plush turtle also comes with a zipper and self-stick taps to close up the shell and used as a storage compartment for the balls when kids are done playing with them.

The Turtle Ball Pit offer a sensory adventure for the toddlers. The feet of the turtle has a crinkly sound when kids get hold of it. There are also other fun and exciting things that the kids can discover while playing with the plush turtle. As their hands keep exploring, they might grab hold of a shiny mirror, silky fabric tags, a soft ball rattle, a soothing teething ring as well as a squeaky button. The different textures, sounds and colors will stimulate the minds of toddlers and also help encourage cause and effect learning. Parents can also join in on the fun as they play along with their toddler from some good, old family bonding time. The Turtle Ball Pit is ideal for kids from 9 months and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $70.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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