Turbo Movie Review

Summertime is fun time for our kids. And with the school break, the kids have more time on their hands. One good way to spend it with them is by going to the movies. Considering that it is summer, filmmakers are releasing some fun and entertaining kid-friendly movies in theaters. One of the choices parents will have is the animated flick Turbo.

Turbo comes with a unique story that many kids will love. It is the story of Theo, an ordinary garden snail that dreams of life as a racer. That is why he likes to be called as “Turbo” instead of his real name. His fast moving dreams has Turbo at odds with his other slow-moving friends, as what most kids will usually associate snails with. One day, a car accident where Turbo is sucked into the car’s supercharger, with the nitrous oxide giving him incredible speed and racecar-like characteristics. This allowed Turbo to chase his dreams of becoming the speedster that he wanted to become all his life.

Short of telling you the entire story, Turbo is a fun animated movie that you can let your kids watch together. But there are some things that make the film lack in some aspects. While you can consider it as a fun animated movie for the kids with many insightful lessons, the storytelling needs more to be desired. Although the premise may show some promise, the filmmakers may have been unsuccessful in trying to create a more engaging storyline. This may leave the kids wanting after the end. To strike up some balance, there are a number of great racecar scenes that kids will have fun watching. If it has any good points, the fun element of the movie is it. Kids will love watching the movie. But for accompanying parents, there are other kid-friendly movie choices also available that are better options in my own opinion.

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