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The Tumbler Flip & Push Toy

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Toys are designed based on how kids play with them. Different toys are made for different age brackets. Baby toys are usually simpler and made for small hands to play. Wooden toy cars may be nice, but babies may have no inkling yet how usual cars work and might play with them the wrong way. This Tumbler Flip & Push Toy may be a better choice for babies to play with.

The Tumbler Flip & Push Toy is a wooden toy that babies can play with just like a toy car. There is no right side up for this kind of toy. It is a triangular wooden car that is always upright no matter how kids try to push it. It is ideal for kids and babies who do not yet have an idea about toy cars.

The Tumbler Flip & Push Toy will roll in any which way kids try to push it to move, thanks to three sets of wheels designed in a sort of triangular shape. The wheels are fitted with rubber tires for smooth rolls and will not create scratches on surfaces. Playing with the Tumbler Flip & Push Toy encourages kids to develop fine motor skills and sensory learning. It is an ideal toy for kids starting from 18 months old onwards. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $11.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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