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Tub Time Water Park Playset

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Not all kids are excited about bath time. Some kids find it a chore and a hassle getting into the tub for a bath and the necessary cleanup. Some parents have to resort to different things to encourage or get kids to take their daily bath. Having toys like the Tub Time Water Park Playset can surely help.

The Tub Time Water Park Playset is a toy that kids would love to have around when taking a bath. It is a mini-water park that can be installed and detached easily from the bath tub. Suction cups on either side of the playset helps it stay in place while the kids play. The three-piece waterway features a water wheel, a water scoop, a swing, a floating hippo and penguin as well as water barricades to change the water flow on the playset. The playset can be adjusted to fit into the width of the tub. Strong suction cups then allow for secure installation into the tub, ready for play.

With the Tub Time Water Park Playset, kids will no longer be forced to take baths. They will be eagerly anticipating it every day, now that they have the water park playset to play with. The Tub Time Water Park Playset is made up of durable plastic and is designed for kids from 12 months old and above. It is available at Amazon for $23.

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