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Trouble Board Game by Hasbro

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A good friend of mine visited our house as she and her children visited the city. She told me her they spent 10 hours traveling to get here without any major meltdowns from the kids. I asked her how she did it, she took out this toy from her bag: it’s the Trouble board game from Hasbro!

I have seen this game before, actually I even played it as a kid. Trouble is a classic board game by Hasbro and it was revolutionary when it was introduced. The objective of this game is to have all your four pieces go around the board. The “trouble,” however, is once your opposing player lands on one of your pegs, your piece gets bumped back to the starting point!

The Trouble board game came with a “PopoMatic” bubble that contains a single die. Press the dome down and release it to get the die rolling. And because the die is enclosed and the pegs are fitted in holes around the board, Trouble by Hasbro makes a perfect board game for traveling as bumps, turbulence, and boat motion would not upset the game progress. The game is easy to set-up–just put the pegs in the starting position and your are good to go. It is also strong enough to withstand losing players who are not good sport, if you know what I mean.

While the simplicity of the game makes players get into it easily as it does not require elaborate explanations or practice games, the utter lack of strategy of the Trouble board game will likely limit the interest of players to only a few sessions.

The Trouble board game by Hasbro is available in major toy retailers such as Amazon, with a listed price of $16.99.

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