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Trix Track Spin and Swirl Toy Set

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Toddlers like to play with objects that move. It becomes even more fun if they get to join in at play. Kids at an early age can be quite fascinated by things that move. Having this Trix Track Spin and Swirl Toy Set will certainly keep them occupied playing for hours.

The Trix Track Spin and Swirl Toy Set will make kids have fun with balls rolling into a maze of smooth wooden tracks and bulky interlocking bricks. A number of spinning panels, a spiraling vortex and a seesaw ramp will fascinate kids to no end. Kids can also have that sense of fulfillment trying to build the track by their own hands. They can follow the detailed instructions to build the track as pictured. They can also have fun by making their own creative tracks to play with. The pieces fit snugly into place. And when kids try it out with one of the marbles, they can enjoy watching the ball roll through the seesaw ramp, the spiraling funnel and gets into the finish line.

The Trix Track Spin and Swirl Toy Set includes a starting track piece, 4 curves stacks, 2 straight stacks, 45 stacking bricks, 4 different obstacles a finishing stopper and 2 marbles. The set also comes with detailed instructions on how to build the track. Playing with the Trix Track Spin and Swirl encourages kid to develop their fine motor skills, enhance their creativity as well as boost their self-esteem. The Trix Track Spin and Swirl is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $50.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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