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TrayKit Play Tray Back Pack

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Kids who go on long road trips will usually want to bring along their favorite toys for the ride. But this bunch can be quite a number which can easily just be a mess inside the car during the trip. What’s more, kids won’t have a platform to play on inside the car that it can be a cause of frustration for them. Both of these problems may be resolved by the TrayKit.

The TrayKit is a carry-on backpack that works more than just a storage space for kid’s toys during a long road trip. It comes with a special strap that can be used to hang the TrayKit at the back of the driver’s seat. When it is zipped opened, it also becomes a portable table tray that allows kids to have a platform that they can use to play on with their toys. It can also be used as a small table that kids can also place their snacks in. the

TrayKit Play Tray Back Pack is a convenient carry on bag that kids can bring along with them during long trips on the road. Parents will surely appreciate that those kids’ toys have a nice place for storage instead of finding them in just about any nook and cranny of the family car. Kids will have fun bringing it along with them, too. The TrayKit Play Tray Back Pack is available at the Content and Calm site for around 25 UK Pounds. That’s around US$40.

Image Source: Content And Calm

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