Travel Spirograph

When going on lengthy trips, one of the more important things parents need to plan for is how to keep the kids occupied while on the road. It can be easy for the kids to feel bored and frustrated at some point during the trip. Parents would not want this to happen. So, it is essential that they bring along toys, games and other things that will keep the child’s attention along the way. One of the more interesting things to bring along is this Travel Spirograph.

The Travel Spirograph is an interesting and enjoyable portable art device for the kids. It will enable kids to experiment creating different spiral designs and patterns that make for interesting artwork. The set comes with two pens in red and in blue, the Travel Spirograph drawing surface, six unique Spirograph wheels to work with, a 24-page pad and a detailed design guide and instruction.

When using the Travel Spirograph, kids only need to place a paper inside the the drawing surface, choose a Spirograph wheel and place it to fit into the built-in design ring. Kids then only need to choose to place the tip of the pen through one of the holes in the wheel and then start tracing around and around. Soon enough, kids will begin to see a spiral design taking form as they continue to move the pen. Kids can then interchange the different wheels as well as the two different pen colors to see and discover what they can create.

The Travel Spirograph helps develop a child’s creativity as he or she learns and explores the different designs they can make with the tools they have. It also helps develop their focus as well as their fine motor skills. Ideal for kids from 5 years old and above, the Travel Spirograph is available at Fat Brain Toys for $10.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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