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Transformer Rescue Bot

by admin

My sister bought a transformer rescue bot: Medix the doc bot to my 3 year old son for Christmas.    I thought it was a great idea and I decided to buy Boulder the construction bot.

First week, my son played with them but he quickly lost interest.  The transformer rescue bot are very easy and quick to convert but the action is very limited. I would say, they could be cooler with some lights or sounds to keep the interest of my son like the VTech switch & go Dinos

I can say any boy who likes the Transformer will love to get this toy.  The transformer rescue bot are not expensive and don’t have small parts that will break off.

The age recommend is 3 to 6.  I think a 2 ½ year old could have fun with it.  Like I said they are easy to transform, but it’s might be difficult for little one.  I don’t think this is a toy for age 5 or 6 year old.   For this group of age, I would recommend another version of the transformer like transformer MechTech deluxe.

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