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Tranquil Starfish

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Some kids love to create a certain setting to help them get to sleep. It can help them doze off faster and provides a great start as they head to dreamland. You can help create a certain environment in a child’s room that will help them relax more as they go to sleep. If your child loves the sea and the aquatic environment, the Tranquil Starfish can help create an aquatic environment right in his or her bedroom.

The Tranquil Starfish is a fitting nightlight for a kid’s room. Not only does it provide a relaxing sea of blue light to mimic an aquatic environment, ideal soundscapes accompany it to create a relaxing and mood-setting atmosphere in a child’s room. The brightness of the light can be adjusted with a slider found on the device. The light features a wave with textured surface to create an underwater effect. The Tranquil Starfish can also play two types of soothing sounds- serenity and surf. It can help kids relax as they go to sleep. It also shuts off automatically after 23 minutes, after a child has already gone to sleep.

The Tranquil Starfish is an ideal nightlight for kids who need a bedside light when sleeping. The soothing effect of the light and sounds helps kids relax and look forward to sleep time. The set includes not only the starfish but also a storybook and a starfish adoption certificate. This starfish friend requires three AA batteries to work. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $38.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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