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Tracktic Game

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Some games are easy and fun to play. Some games on the other hand, can be quite complicated and challenging. For kids who love to have both when playing broad games, nothing can provide such a unique experience like the Tracktic Game.

The Tracktic Game is a type of board game that may look easy at first glance. But when you try it yourself, you may be in for some challenge. The Tracktic Game has a simple objective for players- to build the longest path on the park. Each player has puzzle pieces that come in a single color to build their path on the board. But while you try to do so, your opponents will be doing the same thing. Plan your path so that you can block or stop your opponent from building a longer path. You can even flip their puzzle pieces in order to make it white and use it as your own. But be warned, white puzzle pieces on the board can be used by anyone.

The Tracktic Game is a strategic game that provides players with an exciting challenge that is not that complicated to understand. It allows players to think and plan each move in trying to create the longest path on the board. The board game comes with 140 puzzle pieces equally divided into four different colors, 4 stacking racks, 40 cards, 8 tokens and game instructions. The Tracktic Game is available at Think Geek for $35.

Image Source: Think Geek

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