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Toymail Mailmen Smart Toy

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Communication is an important aspect of daily life. It is essential in building relationships. Between a child and a parent, constant communication is always essential. It is the best way to develop closeness and bond between the two. Communicating between parent and child can be challenging sometimes, especially if the parents follow a busy career and may have limited time to spend at home. Toys like the Toymail Mailmen Smart Toy can help parents establish another means to communicate with their kids through a unique but fun method.

, Toymail Mailmen can establish a means of communication between a child and a loved one far away. The Mailmen can connect to a home WiFi network using a free app. Once connected, parents, grandparents, or just about anyone can send a recorded voice message to the kids using the app to the toy. The Toymail Mailman can then notify kids of a new voice message with a snort, whine or wheeze. At a touch of a button, kids can then hear the recorded voice message. But what is unique is that they hear the funny voice of the Mailman character as the voice message. Voice filters from the app can make this possible. But users can still send a voice message using their own voice by simply turning the voice filter off from the app.

Kids can also send a voice reply using the Toymail Mailman by pushing a button and saying their message out loud. The reply message will then be sent out to its intended recipient. The Toymail Mailmen is a unique way to establish a fun way to communicate with kids when parents or other loved ones are quite a distance away. It can help keep family closer together even when they are far apart. The Toymail Malmen Smart Toy is available in several different characters that kids will love. You can choose one from the Toymail site for $60. This toy is currently only compatible with iOS devices as the app can only be downloaded at the App Store for free.

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