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Touch & Learn Series – Alphabet Fish

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Kids love to play with toys that can engage their different senses. That determines the attention span of kids as they play with the toys. Some toys only stimulate a kid’s sense of sight while some targets the kid’s sense of hearing. Sure, it will catch the baby’s interest, that is, until he or she becomes bored with it. And then there are toys like the Touch & Learn Series – Alphabet Fish that can stimulate a kid’s interest in so many ways.

The Touch & Learn Series – Alphabet Fish is an educational toy that teaches kids the English alphabet through the use of their sight, hearing and touch. The letters are found on the scales of the golden smiling Alphabet Fish in vibrant colors and with their representative images. When kids touch each letter, they can hear how the letter is pronounced. A sample word starting with the letter also comes out along with a funny noise. This helps keep the kid amused as he learns to associate the sounds with the letters.

The Touch & Learn Series – Alphabet Fish is primarily designed to help teach kids the English alphabet as early as possible. Even babies can learn the alphabet through simple association. At first, they just become familiar with the sounds which they can then associate with each letter. Once they become familiar with all the letters, kids can then proceed playing with the Game Mode. Kids can further master their alphabetical skills by answering different questions related to each letter.

The Touch & Learn Series – Alphabet Fish features 29 interactive touch points that produce different types of sounds. It turns alphabet learning into a fun, engaging and colorful activity. This educational toy encourages pre-reading, phonics and memory skills in kids. It has an on/off button and an adjustable volume control. It requires 2AA batteries to operate. The Touch & Learn Series – Alphabet Fish is available at Fat Brain Toys for US$23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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