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Toss Brightz Light Set

Kids can sometimes play with games the whole day. It can even extend into the evening. Their boundless energy certainly keep them active. When they no longer have anything else to do, they get bored easily. If you have no problems with your kids to continuing their play even during the evenings, having the Toss Brightz Light Set would be most welcome.

The Toss Brightz Light Set is a unique addition to your kid’s bean bag tossing board game. Consisting of a set of LED light strings, kids can learn how to assemble and attach it to a bean bag game board. Kids can line up the light on the perimeter of the game board and attach it using the accompanying fasteners. Kids can then attach the battery packs at the back of the board, insert the batteries and then turn it on. What comes out is a lighted bean bag game board that kids can play with in the backyard even when its dark.

The Toss Brightz Light set comes in several different colors. Kids can easily attach them to the boards on their own. It requires 6AA batteries to light up. While the LED light strings are waterproof themselves, the battery packs are not. So kids should take care to protect the battery pack from the rain or water whenever they play. The Toss Brightz Light Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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