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Top Toys For Pre-Schoolers

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Pre-school kids are not as easy to please as they used to be. This is especially true when buying them a toy for the holidays. If you are still looking for that toy to give as a present this coming Christmas, here are some of the top toy choices popular among pre-schoolers this year.

The Ugglys Electronic Pets

Some toys need not look that good to make kids love them. The Ugglys Electronic Pets can attest to that. The Ugglys Pug is a cute puppet toy that can make over 30 disgusting sounds. You can hear the Ugglys burp, fart, snore and other sounds. There is a knob that also allows kids to adjust the pitch of the sounds with just a turn of the dial. The Ugglys Electronic Pets are exclusively available at Toys R’ Us for $30.

Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave Playset

Kids who love Batman will surely like to have the Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave Playset. It features all sorts of gadgetry that kids will love to play with. There is a mechanical claw that works on the Batcycle. There is also a secret entrance, a telescope, a Batcave elevator, a Batman signal light and a Batcave projectile launcher. There are other features in the Batcave that can keep kids occupied with play for hours and hours. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $55.

FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet

Some kids like to have a monkey for a pet. Instead of the real thing, parents can have the FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet instead. It is an interactive pet monkey that moves her mouth when being fed with a banana-shaped bottle. It also responds with giggles and other sounds when cuddled and tickled. It closes its eyes when it is rocked to sleep. It does many other things that will teach kids how to take care of a pet monkey. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $60.

Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table

There are kids who still love to play with trains. The Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table gives them a huge train set for hours and hours of fun playtime. It comes with over 100 pieces including a 23-inch track. There are also lights and sounds to accompany the train and railway setup. It is big enough for kids big and small to play with. Kids who like to play the train conductor will surely have lots of fun with the Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table. It is available for $130 at Toys R’ Us.


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