Top Toys For Christmas 2013

There have been a lot of toys that came out this year. Some produced a lot of excitement among the kids and they became to toy of choice to have as presents during the holidays. And with Christmas coming up, parents may still be on the hunt for the most ideal toys to get for their kids as presents. Here are some of the top toys that kids will love to have for this year.

Talking Minion Dave Action Figure

Kids love those cute and funny minions after watching the animated flick Despicable Me 2. Those minions have become the cool characters that the kids now love. What better way to have this Talking Minion Dave action figure as a present for the kid who loves the minions? It comes with 55 minion sayings and special effects, just like what kids hear in the movies. Kids only need to press on the pocket or move Dave’s head to get different expressions and sounds. Feed him by pressing on his tongue and hear a farting sound as well. The Talking Dave Action Figure is a cool toy to give to kids from 4 years old and up. It is available at Amazon for $48.

Barbie Dream House

For girls who love Barbie dolls, it makes sense to give the dolls a place to live in. This is where the new Barbie Dream House will be a welcome addition to any Barbie doll collection. The house comes with six different rooms for Barbie to stay in. the bathroom comes with a kid-activated light up mirror and a “flushing” toilet. There is a kitchen on the first floor where Barbie can cook up meals. The house also comes with an elevator if Barbie wants to go to the topmost floor. The Barbie Dream House is a good area for girls to play role-playing games with their dolls. It is available at Amazon for $400.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave

For boys who love superheroes and play with action figures, having this Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave will be quite fun and exciting to have as a present. It serves as a main base for Batman and his loyal sidekick Robin. It comes with many interesting features to play with. There is a button to fire a projectile, an elevator powered by a kid’s hand and turning discs to place the action figures. The Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave is a perfect toy for boys to play role-playing games with their favorite superhero, Batman. It is available at Amazon for $55.

Fun Ride Zip Line

Some kids love going outdoors for fun. If you have enough space in the backyard, you may want to have this Fun Ride Zip Line installed for kids to have fun with. Kids can zip \cross the backyard using this strong zip line that can span 35 feet. It comes with a stranded steel cable that can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. Sturdy vinyl handles help kids hang on to the zip line for fun. It also provides kids with lots of physical exercise riding down the zip line. It is available at Amazon for $54.

Crazy Forts

Kids love role-playing games. They also love building fun structures that they can try for themselves. If kids love to build their own castles and forts as part of the fun, they will love having this Crazy Forts toy set at home. It comes with 29 geometrically precise connecting balls and 44 reinforced sticks. Using these materials, kids can build imaginary tents and forts with their blankets for cover. It helps promote kids to work together building their forts as well as encourage creativity and imagination. The Crazy Forts is available at Amazon for around $48.

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