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Top Pet Toys For Kids

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Many kids may wish to have a pet for Christmas. In cases where it may be impossible to have one due to certain circumstances, having an alternative may be a good idea. What better alternative will there be than giving your kid a pet toy for the holidays? Here are some of the top pet toys that are popular this year.

My Little Pony – Princess Twilight Sparkle

If your kid likes horses and will like to take care of one someday, you can start her off with the My Little Pony –Princess Twilight Sparkle. It is a cute little unicorn figure that talks, sings, moves and twinkles. Her magical wings light up when touched and flutters when she glides along. Girls can also style her pony hair with accessories to dress up My Little Pony –Princess Twilight Sparkle. Young girls will have fun playing with My Little Pony –Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Zoomer The Interactive Dog

If you are still looking for more interactive toys, Zoomer The Interactive Dog may be another interesting choice. Zoomer is a fun-loving Dalmatian that will help introduce the kids to having pets. Zoomer acts like an actual pet dog as it can also respond when you call his name. He can also mimic other dog movements, can bark, wag his tail, and can even sing. Zoomer can learn dog tricks such as sit and roll over. The more tricks you teach Zoomer often, the more he will remember it. Zoomer is such an intelligent dog that kids will sometimes treat him as a real pet. Zoomer The Interactive Dog is available at Toys R’ Us for $80.

FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet

Some kids like to have a monkey for a pet. While it is nearly impossible for kids to have one at home, it should not stop them from dreaming. Kids can have the FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet instead. This interactive baby pet monkey that kids can care for. Cuddles can move its mouth when being fed with a banana-shaped bottle. It also responds with giggles and other sounds when cuddled and tickled. It closes its eyes when it is rocked to sleep. It does many other things that will teach kids how to take care of a pet monkey, if that ever becomes possible someday. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $60.

Teksta Puppy

Similar to Zoomer, the Teksta Puppy is a robot dog that can act as your pet. It is equipped with multi sensory features that allows it to respond to your voice, gestures, light and sound. Teksta has around 100 interactive and physical play features. You can teach this robotic dog to perform tricks using different commands. You can train Teksta just like a real pet dog. It can also tell you what it feels through the robotic dog expressing it through lighted eyes. It wags its tail when you call its name. It feels happy when you touch it. It is everything that you look for in a pet dog but with fewer headaches such as requiring food or pet care. The Teksta Puppy comes with its own special ball and bone and is available for $100.

The Ugglys Electronic Pets

Some toys need not look that good to make kids love them. Kids will love them as pets anyway. The Ugglys Electronic Pets can attest to that. The Ugglys Pug is a unique puppet toy that can make over 30 disgusting sounds. Just place your hand inside the puppet and move its mouth. You can hear the Ugglys burp, fart, snore and make other disgusting sounds. There is a knob that also allows kids to adjust the pitch of the sounds with just a turn of the dial. The Ugglys Electronic Pets are exclusively available at Toys R’ Us for $30.

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